P1 port smart splitter

(P1H-015) P1 port smart splitter

Key features

  1. Microprocessor-based Smart P1 port splitter. Creates two virtual, independent copies of the smart meter, securing compatibility with all devices dedicated to work with P1 port.
  2. Guaranteed compatibility with all car charging stations.
    interworking with P1 port.
  3. Compatible with DSMR standards:
    DSMR 4, DSMR 5.0.2, ESMR 5, e-MUCs-H (Belgian), and all other DSMR standards based on DSMR 5.0.2
  4. Low power consumption from P1port.
    (max 10 mA).
  5. Active splitter, that regenerates P1 signals, allowing for longer cables,
    up to 10 m long.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. This splitter will work with any EV charger including Alfen.

In most cases this is not needed. It depends on what smart meter generation is in use and how much power is being used by both connected P1 devices.
Latest generation of the Smart Meters in EU, comply with the DSMR 5.0 standard, and allow to use up to 250 mA of current via smart meter's P1 port.

The main reason for that is that it uses powerful ARM Cortex 32-bit microprocessor.
It creates so to say two virtual smart meters inside, to be able to provide P1 data at the very moment the OSM needs it (without any delay). The other splitters cannot guarantee the immediate data delivery to both OSMs at the same time. In some cases such delay can reach up to 800 ms, which is too much for some brands of EV chargers.

The best solution is to extend number of outputs by connecting an additional regular active splitter to one of P1H-015 outputs.
It is important to make sure the EV charger is connected directly to P1H-015, not to the outputs of the additional splitter.

Documents for download

IDTypeDescriptionFile nameDateRevision
1pdfFlyer (EN)P1H-015_P1_port_smart_splitter_rev2.pdf2022-02-011
2pdfUser Guide (EN/NL)P1H-015_User_Guide_NL_EN_book_v2.pdf2022-02-011

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