P1 port splitter

(P1H-005) P1 port splitter

Key features

  1. Active connection
    between P1 ports.
  2. DATA line signal regeneration,
    allowing usage of a longer cable. Up to 10 m long (5 meters guaranteed).
  3. Compatible with ALL DSMR standards.
    Compatibility with DSMR 2.2 secured via an external power supply. 
  4. Low power consumption from P1 port.
    (max 10 mA).

How to connect it?


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Frequently asked questions

Yes. But since DSMR 2.2 smart meters do not provide any power via their P1 port, an external power supply is required.

The smart meter generation type should be visible on the smart meter enclosure.

You need to use the second P1H-005 splitter or use splitter with more outputs, e.g. P1H-203 or P1H-006.

Well... the P1 port of the smart meter is (should be) galvanically separated from mains.
But the P1H-005 splitter is not galvanically separated from the P1 port.

Documents for download

IDTypeDescriptionFile nameDateRevision
1pdfFlyer (NL)P1H-005_Flyer_NL_rev1.pdf2016-05-09A
2pdfUser Guide (EN/NL)P1H-005_User_Guide_NL_EN_book_v2.pdf2016-05-20B

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