Heatermind 7.0

Tariff based relay


What is it?

The Heatermind 7 is a relay which switches a load on whenever the electricity tariff is low. Heatermind 7 is designed to work with contactors equipped with 230V/50Hz coils, allowing for the connection of three phase loads up to 63A.


Heatermind 7
is equipped with an outgoing voltage sensor, allowing it to work with Day-Night contactors.


Recommended installation diagrams for several contactor types are laid out in the figures below.

Wiring examples

The examples of the wiring of Hetermind 7.0 are shown on the picture below. 

Product pictures

Documents for download

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2iconUser GuideHRM-701__User_Guide_EN_book_R2.pdf2020-03-09R2

Frequently asked questions

The main difference is the higher immunity of the Heatermind 7.0 to the elektromagnetic field generated when heavy load is being switched ON and OFF.
What's more - Heatermind 7.0 can be used in combination with the Day-Nigh contactors, while Boilermind 5 cannot.

It is possible to use Boilrmind 5.0 with contactors switching load up to 25A.
But it is not reccomended by Tech4U.
Higher current contactors (like 40A or 63A) cannot be used in combination with Boilermind 5.0. For such contactors - Heatermind 7.0 is the right solution.

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